Key Features:

  • Barcode Reading for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
  • Support for Reading Common Barcode Types
SDK Support Offered For:
Easily integrate barcode recognition into existing iOS™ and Android™ applications or build a new app with our easy-to-use samples

Use Barcode Xpress Mobile to recognize 1D and 2D barcodes from iOS and Android phones and devices with cameras.
Fast, accurate, supported barcode recognition on iOS and Android!
Getting Started Made Easier!
In just a few lines of code, you can integrate the most accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your mobile apps. Simple instructions are provided in our help files.
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Free Barcode Scanner App
You can test the speed and reliability of Barcode Xpress Mobile simply by installing the free Barcode Scanner App.

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Whitepapers: Accessing Medical Records on Mobile Devices Part 1 and Part 2
Mobile Barcode Reading in Everyday Life
Patient Medical Records
Doctors can use their mobile tablet during rounds to scan a patient's chart or wrist band. The doctor would instantly have access to an online database, including X-rays that are viewed using AIMTools.
Virtual Business Cards
With the growing popularity of QR codes, professionals can exchange contact information from business cards using QR codes printed on them. These can contain the actual vCard that can be read directly into a user's contact database.
Records Indexing
Field force workers such as insurance adjusters at a car wreck or house fire scan barcodes from forms to pull up information from a database, allowing them to enter information into an app.
Consumer Retail
Large retail chains can provide apps that allow their customers to build wedding registries using their smartphone in the store. Customers can now simply walk the store scanning the barcodes of items they want in their registry.
Job Site Inspections
Building inspector can scan a barcode on the building permit, which then pulls up information on where the build is and what inspection is to be done. Inspector then enters information directly into the phone/device.
Shipment Tracking
Shipment Tracking Truck drivers can use their phones to scan barcode labeled shipping documents to track the status of a delivery. This reduces the time of delivery and decreases the errors in shipment tracking that can lead to delayed shipments.