Leave the risk to the underwriters. Take the chance out of your development lifecycle with proven document integrations.

Document Viewing

Streamlined Viewing & Collaboration

Secure, web-based HTML5 viewing and collaboration technology you count on. No more fumbling for insurance documents under pressure.

Full Thumbnail Panel

Secure XLSX Files

Why depend on Excel when you could handle all spreadsheet tasks within your application? Spend more time evaluating risks and less time creating them.

Application Form

Capture Policy Data

You could force users to manually enter the same data a dozen times in a dozen places like the (good?) old days. Or you could do it automatically with OCR. Your call.

Easy File Conversion

Never say “Oh, that file isn’t in the right format” ever again. Convert documents with the click of a button and get back to doing work that matters.

Useful for Collaboration

Policy Collaboration

Download this, fill out that, scan this, sign that. Managing insurance policies takes a lot of paperwork. Eliminate all that fuss with streamlined document collaboration tools.

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