Accusoft Policies & Trademarks

Doing business with Accusoft? Learn more about our policies and trademarks below.


  1. All sales will be invoiced and payable in United States Currency (US$) ONLY
  2. Accusoft reserves the right to change pricing without notice.
  3. Accusoft price quotes expire 30 days after they are offered.
  4. Accusoft products are provided “As Is”. You are responsible for determining the fit of these products into your particular imaging application or deployment. Download and try the free trial version of any Accusoft product to determine if it meets your needs before making your purchase. We do not offer refunds.
  5. Accusoft’s Support Policy is explained here.
  6. Accusoft’s Credit Policy is explained here. Customers with overdue accounts will not be given support or upgrades by Accusoft. Please note that once a ‘support hold’ is placed into our customer support system for an overdue account, the removal of that support hold will only occur after all overdue payments, including finance charges, have been received. Removal will occur at the next regularly scheduled customer support system database update after the necessary approvals have been obtained. Accusoft reserves the right to discontinue customers with a past due invoice balance.
  7. Accusoft invoice amounts are net of taxes and fees. Accusoft is not responsible for taxes imposed outside the USA. If there are fees or taxes that will be imposed or need to be withheld, let us know IN ADVANCE OF PURCHASE, and we will incorporate this into the billing process. Accusoft will automatically add state sales taxes when appropriate, so if you are a distributor or otherwise exempt please provide us with the appropriate certificates.
  8. Your use of any of Accusoft software or runtimes created with Accusoft software is allowed under license terms granted by Accusoft. It is the Licensee’s responsibility to honor the terms of such license grants. See our License Page. Accusoft reserves the right to charge up to the single copy retail list price, plus applicable penalties, for every unlicensed copy of Accusoft software or runtime that is distributed or installed.
  9. “Client” and “Server” are general industry terms that might be interpreted in different ways. Accusoft defines “Client” or “Desktop PC Install” as “a computer operated by a single person.” (This is not to be confused with the definition of “Client” meaning “customer,” as in, “They are our client.”) Accusoft defines “Server” or “Server Install” machines as “operated by a process” (such as a computer monitoring a folder for files to be processed using Accusoft Code) or “operated remotely” (such as a web site). Literal translations may not be used to circumvent the true Accusoft Licensing intent. A minimum of 5 Desktop PC Install licenses is required for first time purchases (for quantities less than 5, please contact sales). If a definition is questionable or confusing contact sales for help. Please note: Placing an installation file on your server that is to be downloaded and installed on Desktop PC machines, such as a CAB file to plug into Internet Explorer, is one or more Desktop PC installations, and not a Server Installation, for licensing purposes. The Server Installation in this case is just acting as a carrier, much like a CD-ROM or FTP site, and is not the location where the Accusoft Code executes. A computer installation designed to service more than one person, and not a single person, such as a kiosk, is considered a Server Installation by Accusoft. Terminal services servers are also a type of Server Installation where code executes centrally and not on the Desktop PC installed CPU.
  10. Desktop PC Installations or client installations, regardless of number of processors*, count as one processor* installation for licensing purposes. Accusoft reserves the right to count ‘multi-processor’ computers and ‘multi-core’ processors* as multiple Processors* (licensed runtimes) in certain Server Installation environments. (This depends solely on how the server application calls the Accusoft libraries.)
    * Accusoft uses the term “processor” to denote a single “central processing unit” (CPU) that can be used by the operating system simultaneously and independently of other CPU’s that operating system can use for processing. When a single computer chip has more than one, these are sometimes called “cores”. However, Accusoft considers a “hyper-threaded” core to be one processor. Accusoft uses the term processor as a more standardized industry term that better includes Cloud and Virtual Machine computing.
  11. License transfer requests are considered only when the respective License and Licensee are under a support plan with Accusoft.
  12. Accusoft customers may transfer an installed license by sending an email to requesting a replacement license, reporting the MAC ID of the old machine and affirming that they are not and will not use the transferred license on that old machine.
  13. Accusoft welcomes distributor inquiries. Requests for becoming an Accusoft distributor and receiving a discount should be from companies that already currently sell and support developer toolkits. Distributor discounts start at 15% and are adjusted based on public promotion of Accusoft products and quarter over quarter sales volume. Under no circumstances will discounts for applications, support or licensing be offered larger than 15%. Distributors are responsible for understanding the licensing provisions of any Accusoft product they wish to represent, and are required to make any potential customers of Accusoft products aware of those provisions before purchase. Buyers’ agents that act on behalf of enterprise customers as outsourced purchasing departments on a cost plus, or sole source contract, shall not be considered distributors by Accusoft and will not be entitled to discounts on Accusoft products beyond what we normally provide enterprises in the normal course of business.
  14. Upgrading to a newer version of Accusoft applications, toolkits or runtime licenses (within a third party application) typically requires new fees and license terms. Exceptions include written contracts and support plans that include upgrades. Upgrade fees, if not covered by written agreement, are 60% of current price one version back, 75% of current price two versions back, 85% of current price three of more versions back. Again, Accusoft encourages customers to stay current and avoid these upgrade charges by purchasing both product and deployment support plans. See our Support Options.
  15. The purchase and licensing of any Accusoft product covers only the version at the time of purchase or licensing, unless written and agreed upon stipulations grant past or future versions of Accusoft products explicitly. The absence or omission of an Accusoft product version number in a purchase or license agreement by default grants rights only to the then current version of Accusoft product in discussion at the date of the transaction or agreement, and does not, by such omission, grant any rights to future versions of Accusoft products.
  16. Accusoft grants, through a lawfully exercised license agreement with each licensing entity, a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable license, unless otherwise described with explicit language contained in the license document. In addition, once a lawfully exercised license agreement is completed with Accusoft, the licensee shall not assign, transfer or pledge the Agreement, in any manner, without the prior written consent of Accusoft.
  17. You should always test on the hardware you plan to deploy as different hardware vendors supply different device drivers, not always with the same feature set.
  18. By downloading any Accusoft product, you agree that you are not permitted to and will not decompile or reverse-engineer them. You also agree that you will not communicate any quality, speed, memory usage, or other performance measurements to anybody outside of your organization.
  19. All copyrights to Accusoft development kits and software are retained by Accusoft. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  20. Accusoft considers unlicensed use of its software a serious violation of US and international copyright laws. The company will take legal action to protect its rights if warranted. Report unlicensed use.
  21. At Accusoft, we are committed to protecting your privacy and to developing technology that gives you the most powerful and secure online experience. Occasionally, you will be asked to provide information about yourself. This privacy statement explains data collection and use in those situations.
  22. It is Accusoft’s policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. Read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to understand the information that should be present in these notices.


The following are trademarks (™) or registered marks (®) of Accusoft Corporation:

  • Accusoft®
  • AIMTools™
  • Barcode Xpress™
  • Barcode Xpress Mobile™
  • CapturePro™
  • Cram™
  • edocr™
  • FolderBots™
  • FormAssist™
  • FormDirector™
  • FormFix®
  • FormSuite™
  • ImageGear®
  • ImageTransport MD™
  • Image Detergent™
  • ImagXpress®
  • ISIS® Xpress™
    • ISIS is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation
    • ISIS Xpress is a trademark of Accusoft Corporation
  • JPEG Wizard™
  • MICR Xpress™
  • NetVue™
  • NotateXpress™
  • OCR Xpress™
  • OnTask™
  • PDF Xpress™
  • PICTools™
  • PICVideo™ M-JPEG Codec
  • PrintPRO™
  • Prizm®
  • Prizm® Content Connect™
  • Prizm® Viewer™
  • Prizm® ActiveX Viewer™
  • PrizmDoc®
  • RasterMaster®
  • ScanFix® Xpress™
  • SmartZone™
  • ThinPic™
  • ThumbnailXpress™
  • TwainPRO™
  • VirtualViewer®