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Scrambling to build document processing features overnight? Leave the scrambling for eggs. We’ve got a better idea…

Simplify Loan and Credit Application Processes

So, you’ve built a groundbreaking FinTech app that handles key financial tasks and will take the industry by storm. Great! But what about document viewing or spreadsheet collaboration functionality? If you’re relying on external development tools or volleying those features over the net to your next update, you could be losing ground to competing products. Say goodbye to the scramble and hello to a better user experience.  

Accusoft is here to help you launch that FinTech app with speed and confidence.

Features for Financial Applications? We Have Them.

Our intuitive API integrations allow you to incorporate document processing technology into your FinTech app to provide a seamless user experience. Let’s get you back to focusing on financial innovation like the pro you are.

Support for Multiple File Types

So. Many. File types. Enable your end-users to view 100+ file types without native applications to streamline credit applications, loan origination, investment portfolio work, and more.

Secure XLSX Files

What’s yours is yours. Secure your intellectual property by removing end-user access to proprietary source files, encrypting the data, and hosting it securely in your own environments.

Web Form Creation & Data Capture

Create or detect text fields for customized forms to capture and route data to the appropriate departments or databases for processing. Keep ‘em coming.

Convert Files and Consolidate Data

Make it easy, and empower your users to convert or consolidate files including emails, texts, Word documents, images, and more into a PDF.

Collaborate on Files Efficiently

Give your users the ability to securely view, annotate, and redact information on documents directly inside your application. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Efficient Document Viewing

Offload high-fidelity document viewing and editing workloads to end-user devices to reduce server utilization by up to 30% and enhance performance. Boom.

Trust 30+ Years of Experience and Innovation

We’re Accusoft, and we know a thing or two about document processing. You could even say we had a hand in inventing it (we’ve got a big stack of patents to back up the claim). We’ve also been working with the unique performance and regulatory requirements of financial services apps for decades, so we understand how to deliver results for fast-moving FinTech startups.

Tell us your financial application needs, and we can help you make it happen!


Accusoft in FinTech

Accusoft helps Cirrus Secure facilitate the lending process through content management. When loose documents come into the platform, PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear help the end-user view and separate the documents within the Cirrus Secure platform.

One of the reasons that Accusoft stood out from the crowd is its comprehensiveness. The products are easily customizable, but also work together. We're definitely getting our money's worth with PrizmDoc Viewer and ImageGear. Together, these two integrations fit our needs perfectly.

John Steele
President & CPO, Cirrus Secure

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