Accusoft Escalation Policy and Procedure


Accusoft always strives to provide the highest level of service during a Product Issue, Service Complaint, or other Product Incident and has created a comprehensive system to handle and resolve these issues. We do understand there are times when an issue needs to be escalated to meet our Customer, Partner, and Reseller Needs. When these needs arise we have created a robust escalation process to bring those concerns to the right groups with urgency.

Process and Procedure

If at any time a reported (has an incident number) product issue, defect, or concern is not meeting the needs of a Customer, Partner, or Vendor – they may request an escalation through the tracked incident or by contacting the Manager of Technical Support directly.

If reporting through an active Incident they may use email by replying to the Incident Email or by entering a request through the Accusoft Customer Portal

If reporting to the Manager of Technical Support you may email Christian Brink at

Once an escalation has been requested an Escalation Team Meeting will be scheduled within 2 business days to review the request with Support Management, the Product Owner, and the Account Representative.

The results of that meeting will be sent as part of the Incident associated with the request to the Customer, Partner, or Reseller.