ImageGear Benefits

Faster Time To Market
Faster Time
To Market

Enhancing an existing custom application or building one from scratch, ImageGear’s imaging libraries allow developers to add key image clean up and processing functionality while saving valuable development time.

Full Feature

ImageGear gives developers the ability to control which image processing features and functionalities are exposed in their applications.

Customize To Your Digital Document Needs

ImageGear offers developers the flexibility to pick and choose the code libraries to build custom applications that address the customer’s unique image processing needs.

Support You Can Count On
Support You Can Count On

Receive world-class support and get immediate access to the latest features and updates as they are released. 

Code Samples

ImageGear provides a variety of easy-to-use sample programs and images to help get you up and running quickly.

Language Support
Language Support*

OCR support for multiple Western and Eastern languages, including Central European, Cyrillic, Baltic, and Asian languages. 

*Available as an add-on option

case study

Greenway Health

Greenway Health’s Medical Manager product was one of the first practice management systems to go online. At the time, however, insurance claims were still paper-based. Anticipating the shift to electronic information management, Greenway wanted to build a document and imaging solution into Medical Manager (and later into its Intergy product) that could support a variety of file types and standards without placing any limitations on its client practices. That’s when they discovered ImageGear.

One of ImageGear's biggest strengths is that it can support just about any sort of document out there. That was obviously one of the major drivers, and the fact that not only could it handle most document types, it could also handle diagnostic images.

Todd Treiber
VP of Product Development, Greenway Health

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ImageGear v25 supports Microsoft’s .NET Framework.  This version is meant for Windows desktop applications.  This version supports Winforms, WPF, and TWAIN scanning.

ImageGear v26 supports Microsoft’s .NET Core.  This version is meant for applications targeting both Windows and Linux with a web-based user interface.   This version does not support Winforms, WPF, and TWAIN scanning. 

Both are available in the Download Center.