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Accusoft was founded as Pegasus Imaging Corporation in 1991 as a reseller of fractal image compression and decompression toolkits and digital image compression applications.
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Accusoft History: Our Content Solutions

Founded 1991

Pegasus Imaging was rapidly shifting from a provider of end-user utilities to marketing business-to-business solutions. A testament to the company’s technology prowess, Accusoft is the only surviving commercial supplier of JPEG compression technology in the world. Well known photo imaging customers of Pegasus JPEG include Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Konica Minolta and many others.

Accusoft is distinguished by its ability to deliver multiple interfaces to advanced technologies based on an extensive collection of intellectual capital, scientific research and product innovation. Today, the company holds a portfolio of over 40 patents granted and a large amount of internal intellectual property (IP) related to imaging.

In early 1998, Pegasus Imaging Corporation was recognized as a Deloitte & Touche “Fast 500” company for its growth between 1993 and 1997. Around that time, Pegasus Imaging acquired two companies with successful product lines and technology. The business was good, but the investment in systems integration was a detour from the original strategy of technology innovation. The investors recommended the integration division be spun off into a completely separate company. Pegasus Transtech was created and continues operations in Tampa, Florida.

Expanded 1998

During 1998, Pegasus expanded into the specialized medical imaging industry with the PICTools Medical software development kit containing a collection of image compression technologies optimized for medical images.

PICTools Medical was quickly adopted by some of the largest medical technology companies in the world, including GE Healthcare, McKesson, Phillips Medical Systems, Siemens Medical Solutions and Toshiba.

Acquired 2004

In 2004, Pegasus Imaging acquired TMSSequoia. Its forms processing technology, document image cleanup technology and employees proved to be a valuable investment. The technology continues to be integrated into the Accusoft product portfolio today.

On December 19, 2008, Pegasus Imaging acquired Accusoft, including the ImageGear product line. Accusoft’s powerful imaging products significantly enhanced the impressive portfolio of imaging solutions.

Three weeks after the Accusoft acquisition was complete, Pegasus Imaging announced the acquisition of Tasman Software (Leeds, United Kingdom) and substantially all assets including its barcode software development kit (SDK) business. On January 9, 2009, Pegasus Imaging added Tasman’s Java and Java ME mobile barcode technology to its suite of document imaging products.

In 2009, Pegasus Imaging began doing business as Accusoft Pegasus. In October 2011, Accusoft Pegasus acquired Adeptol, further diversifying its product portfolio with the addition of the zero-footprint Adeptol AJAX Document Viewer, renamed Prizm Content Connect.

Rebranded 2012

After 3 years as Accusoft Pegasus, the company rebranded to Accusoft in 2012. Today, Accusoft remains privately held, profitable and a wholly employee-owned corporation with headquarters located in Tampa, FL.

In 2015, Accusoft acquired edocr, a business document sharing website focused on garnering leads for its users. With a vast user base and an impressive Alexa ranking in the business document sharing space, it is a significant addition to the Accusoft brand.

Launched End-User Products

As companies grow, business processes naturally become more complex. Scaling alongside that growth is difficult without the right resources in place. We found that across industries, one thing is common: teams spend too much time on cumbersome, repetitive processes. For this reason, we launched the OnTask brand. OnTask helped growing businesses transform tedious email and paper-based functions into efficient digital processes. After fine-tuning our approach and listening to customer feedback, we rebranded OnTask to Docubee, an intelligent contract automation tool, that simplifies every piece of the contract and document process with fillable forms, easy document generation tools, digital signatures, and user-friendly share options. This tool created by Accusoft ensures businesses can replace outdated processes with efficient workflows that give employees more time for what matters.

Docubee - intelligent contract automation

Joins Forces with Snowbound

In 2022, after years of friendly competition, Accusoft acquired Snowbound, one of the image processing industry’s most innovative companies. The merger not only brought Snowbound’s successful RasterMaster conversion and imaging SDK and PrizmDoc® for Java document viewing API into the Accusoft family of products, but also added decades of engineering expertise to the Accusoft team.  

The history between the two companies goes back to 1996, when Snowbound got its start competing with the original AccuSoft in the imaging and conversion SDK market. After Pegasus Imaging acquired AccuSoft in 2008 and rebranded as Accusoft, that competition expanded to include API-based viewing technology.  

When Snowbound began its search for an acquisition partner around 2017, it set out to find a company that understood the image processing business and shared its passion for building and supporting innovative technology products. Accusoft quickly emerged as the ideal match thanks to its industry experience, history of successful mergers, and innovation-oriented development culture. 

Bringing two of the industry’s most successful players together will help Accusoft expand its technology capabilities and growth potential in an increasingly competitive market. Snowbound’s products will continue to receive outstanding support as they’re incorporated into the Accusoft portfolio. 

Accusoft Joins Forces with Snowbound