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Runexy and Accusoft have worked together closely to supply document and content management toolkits, APIs, and solutions to the Japanese market for over 20 years. Runexy has always been Accusoft’s largest partner in Japan, however other resellers were added following the Pegasus Imaging merger in 2008. Those resellers focus almost entirely on the Pegasus Xpress line of toolkits, while Runexy has represented the two Accusoft flagship products, ImageGear and PrizmDoc Viewer, as well as our FormSuite forms procession toolkits.


Founded in 1987, XLsoft Corporation is a leading global software distributor specializing in developer products, DevOps tools, and IT administrative tools for the Japanese and Asian market. XLsoft has distributed Accusoft’s software development toolkits including Barcode Xpress, ImagXpress, and PDF Xpress in Japan for over 15 years. With an outstanding marketing, vendor management, and localization team based in Irvine, California, and a dedicated sales team in Tokyo, XLsoft has established strong relationships and served Accusoft products across various vertical markets.

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Abrigo provides technology that community financial institutions use to manage risk and drive growth. As a technology partner, Accusoft aids in this journey by providing Abrigo with best-in-class toolkits that enable their users to view and collaborate on documents securely inside the Abrigo financial application.


Since 1995, ComponentSource has been the premier one-stop shop for software developers to find, evaluate, and purchase software components and developer tools. As partners, Accusoft and ComponentSource work together to distribute the very best software in content processing, conversion, and automation to developers around the globe with sales and support in over 10 languages.


Businesses that utilize OnTask from Brother can significantly upgrade their document security and workflow processes thanks to the platform’s comprehensive suite of approval tools. All workflow records and transactions are maintained permanently on a secure cloud so supervisors and other authorized users will always have a bird’s eye view of their data, which can also be exported anytime if needed via protected APIs.


Founded in 2007, LinkSoft is a software distributor and reseller serving Taiwan and China. With over 500,000 customers in Asia, LinkSoft provides timely product information and first rate support to overcome the challenges of long distance partnerships across different time zones. Accusoft and LinkSoft work together to provide best-in-class toolkits and top-notch support to commercial, government, and academic IT departments in Taiwan and surrounding areas.

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