Accusoft Licensing Models

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Policy Purpose

All copyrights to Accusoft software is retained by Accusoft. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Your use of any of Accusoft software or runtimes created with Accusoft software is allowed under license terms granted by Accusoft. It is the Licensee’s responsibility to honor the terms of such license grants.

  • Licensee is required to purchase one copy of our development kit(s) for each developer. (read Software License Agreement – PDF
  • Licensee is required to obtain the appropriate license agreement prior to deploying applications which contain Accusoft code.

Accusoft software is limited for use on a single CPU. Any runtimes or copies installed or distributed must be granted by a direct license from Accusoft. These ‘license agreements’ provide the terms and limits of number and usage.

All prospective customers have every opportunity to evaluate Accusoft’s products prior to purchasing. Accusoft fully supports and warrants its code and pricing reflects those costs as well.

Review the licensing categories below, and select the one that matches your deployment. Special circumstances should be discussed with an Accusoft representative.

Policy Standards

Licensing Category Application containing Accusoft code is: License Model Technical Notes
Desktop PC Install Operated by a single person. Desktop PC Install ‘Multi-processor’ computers and ‘multi-core’ processors* (chips) are counted as a single CPU or seat for desktop PC installations, so a ‘dual-core’ processor* counts as one CPU or installation.
Barcode Xpress Standard Limited to 40 pages per minute processing speed; designed for moderate-volume applications. Install Licensing fee applies one time only. Optional annual support and maintenance programs are available.
Server Install

(Internal Use)

Operated by a process, such as a computer monitoring a folder for files to be processed. Server Install (Annual) ‘Multi-processor’ computers and ‘multi-core’ processors* are counted as multiple CPUs (licensed runtimes).
Server Install (OEM/ISV) For resale and operated by a process, such as a computer monitoring a folder for files to be processed. Server Install ‘Multi-processor’ computers and ‘multi-core’ processors* are counted as multiple CPUs (licensed runtimes).
Service Provider | Outsource Facility Part of a system or process that derives ongoing revenue. Server Install (Annual) or Desktop PC Install (Annual) Desktop PC Install licenses are based on the number of scanners/seats Accusoft Code is supporting. The Server Install license model applies when application is running unattended. Priority Support and Upgrade Subscriptions are required for these deployments, providing access to live support services and free upgrades. For more information contact an Accusoft representative.
Kiosk | Multi-User Designed to service more than one person, and not a single person, such as a kiosk or scanning station. Server Install (Annual)
Web Server | ASP | Terminal Services Part of a hosted service or tool. Code executes centrally and not on the client CPU. Server Install (Annual) Placing an installation file on your server that is to be downloaded and installed on Desktop PC machines, such as a CAB file to plug into Internet Explorer, is one or more Desktop PC installations, and not a Server Installation, for licensing purposes.