SmartZone OCR/ICR

Eliminate manual data entry with automated zonal data capture technology in your application.


Improve character recognition with our powerful ICR and OCR SDK.

SmartZone’s advanced zonal character recognition technology allows you to capture typed (OCR) or handwritten (ICR) data from specified fields in a document image or support full page OCR in your application. Optimize recognition with data matching/lookup, regular expressions, and custom character sets, and set confidence values to control when operators should review results. Our full-featured trial includes samples in C# to help you get started.

Benefits of Integrating SmartZone

Accelerate Forms Data Capture
Accelerate Forms Data Capture

Automate your forms data capture process to extract information from document images more efficiently.

Eliminate Manual Errors
Eliminate Manual Errors

Full page and zonal OCR/ICR reads and extracts document image text to bypass the errors associated with manual data entry.

Customize Data Capture
Customize Data Capture

Capture text from any area of a document by establishing zones with expected character sets and regular expressions.

Key Features

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Read and capture machine-printed text using a library of predefined character sets that includes uppercase/lowercase letters, digits, currency, and punctuation.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Identify handwritten characters to extract text to databases and other applications, or use in the next step of your workflow.

Adjustable Confidence Values

Set confidence values for recognition results to determine when manual review is necessary. Confidence values can be returned for individual characters, lines, or complete results.

Extensive OCR Language Support

Support for multiple Western and Eastern languages, including Central European, Cyrillic, Baltic, and Asian languages. See all supported languages.

Zonal Field Recognition

Focus recognition engine on predefined form field types (such as name, date, time, email, SSN, phone) to reduce processing speed and improve accuracy.

Full Page Recognition

Capture typed or hand-printed text from full document pages to accelerate processing workflows.

SmartZone Development Environments

See Developer Resources for details.

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Aleksey Kondratov Software Engineer

Aleksey Kondratov joined Accusoft in 2008 as a QA team leader. He worked on many Accusoft products including BarcodeXpress, forms processing applications, and other SDKs. Now Aleksey is a software engineer for PrizmDoc Suite. He likes working on new programming technologies like ML and Computer Vision. In his spare time, Aleksey enjoys landscape design and spends free time in his garden where he grows roses and other flowers. In addition, he likes to spend time with his children and travel in his car.

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