Key Features:

  • Barcode Reading for iOS and Android Mobile Devices
  • Support for Reading Common Barcode Types
SDK Support Offered For:
Demos & Samples
Sample AppsSample Apps

Samples are provided with the Barcode Xpress Mobile SDKs to help you get started more easily.

Android Samples

A demonstration program that shows how the Barcode Xpress SDK can be used to interact with the camera on an Android device to do real-time barcode scanning.

A demonstration program that shows how the Barcode Xpress SDK can read a static image, find a barcode in the image and decode it. It shows how the Barcode Xpress API can be used without the complexity of camera management.

iOS Sample

BXDemo iOS Sample
A demonstration program that shows how to create an app for an iOS device with a camera, such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (or higher) or iPad 2 (or higher).

Demo App

Barcode Scanner

Download and try Barcode Xpress' highly accurate barcode engine without having to write any code. See the speed and accuracy that isn't available in other barcode offerings. Check out the vast number of barcode types that we support that others don't.


Accessing Medical Records on Mobile Devices

New Android and iOS mobile devices are coming to market at a very rapid pace. The emergence of this new class of hardware creates an opportunity for doctors and medical professionals to access patient data wherever they are. They can now use a mobile phone or a tablet device to access patient data.

This whitepaper will focus on two recent product releases and how they can be used to enable access to medical records on Android and iOS devices: AIMTools and Barcode Xpress Mobile

Click to Download Part 1: Android
Click to Download Part 2: iOS