Create next-generation medical applications

With full support for DICOM images, and access to the DICOM dataset, Accusoft's medical imaging SDK has been leveraged for more than a decade to help build world-class healthcare applications. They provide support for both lossy and lossless DICOM-compliant formats, including 8-bit and 16-bit grayscale.

DICOM medical imaging SDKs

Our DICOM-compliant SDKs speed development of custom radiology and EMR solutions for viewing, communications with PACS systems, and high-speed lossless compression.
ImageGear Medical

Adds DICOM (.dcm) file support to the ImageGear toolkit for scanning, editing, viewing, annotation, and printing.

  • Read, edit and write single and multi-image dcm files
  • Display and edit all supported VRs, including studies, patient data, modalities, etc.
  • View medical images, including window width and centering, plus angle and ruler annotations
  • Cine viewing for angiograms and other video applications

PICTools Medical

Delivers high-speed compression and decompression of medical image formats.

  • Optimized, portable C/C++ libraries for Windows and Unix/Linux platforms
  • Read, write, and convert JPG, JPEG 2000, JPIP, JPEG-LS, Lossless JPEG, Medical RAW, JPEG XR, and other image types