Key Features:

  • Create and view DICOM files
  • Support both still image and video files
  • Scanning and compression, including PDF
  • Viewing, annotation, and printing
SDK Support Offered For:
.NET 32/64-bit
ActiveX 32-bit
Mac OS X
ImageGear Medical is a DICOM toolkit that empowers developers to create cutting-edge medical imaging solutions with unparalleled speed and ease across Windows, Linux, and Silverlight environments. It facilitates the rapid development of powerful DICOM-enabled applications used to display, create and edit DICOM medical image files.

ImageGear Medical provides a comprehensive level of control over DICOM files, including support for DICOM waveforms, presentation state DICOM, overlays, and complete grayscale LUT control. Leveraging support for over 100 image formats and the industry's fastest code, ImageGear Medical is a solid foundation for DICOM application development.

  • Create DICOM files from any image source
  • Easily control all facets of image display and printing
  • Control over look up tables (LUT) to enhance image display
  • Well-structured API simplifies the reading, writing, and creation of DICOM dataset and elements
  • Robust annotation controls for overlay creation
  • Support DICOM Cine loop, waveforms, and presentation states
  • High-level API minimizes the need for in-depth DICOM knowledge
  • Full-featured file format support including industry-leading vector and 3D PDF/PS support
  • Support ISIS and TWAIN scanning to capture medical documents