Prizm Content Connect

HTML5 Document Viewer


The Prizm Content Connect document viewer includes tools that enable users to easily annotate and mark up documents right inside the viewer program. From the Review tab, each user can add individual annotations, and users can open and read other users' annotations.

Prizm Content Connect easily integrates with any type of application, content management system (CMS), project management solution, enterprise content management (ECM) platforms, customer relationship management (CRM), or business process management (BPM) system, adding document review workflow capabilities to your existing infrastructure.


Get There Faster
Slash decision-making time and improve review, approval, and collaboration capabilities in existing applications through expandable and scalable viewer-based annotations.
Stay Compliant
Annotations are stored in separate XML files, preserving the document in its original state for regulatory compliance.
Give your users the ability to switch annotations and comments on and off at the click of a button, for easy markup acceptance.