Key Features:

  • High-speed document imaging display and navigation
  • Annotation sharing and creation
  • Browser plug-in
  • Customizable application with an API
Prizm ActiveX Viewer delivers fast image viewing of large documents by performing image decompression and manipulation on the client.

Using your server to share documents, Prizm ActiveX Viewer gives you complete control over the user experience as you build efficient document workflows.

Users can display, annotate, e-mail, print, and export single and multi-page TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and other files...all from within a single user interface.
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User ExperiencePrizm ActiveX Viewer
For Users

View documents and images from within Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Mozilla browsers.

  • View many document types using one interface, including PDFs
  • Print, export and e-mail documents
  • Easily navigate large documents and image sets
  • Annotate documents without modifying the original file

Enterprise ToolsPrizm ActiveX Viewer
For Admins

Enterprise tools for browser-based document delivery .

Deliver documents from your ECM or DMS to end-users using Prizm Viewer. For business process managers and system administrators.

  • Package groups of documents for users
  • Control the user viewing experience
  • Centrally store annotations
  • Deploy using Web or Enterprise installation options
  • Build collaborative document workflows