Key Features:

  • Color, grayscale, and bitonal image cleanup
  • Improve content recognition accuracy
  • Create smaller compressed files
SDK Support Offered For:
.NET 32/64-bit
ActiveX 32-bit
Sample AppsSample App

ScanFix Xpress Image Cleanup Sample Application

Evaluate ScanFix Xpress' superior cleanup functionality for yourself. Use our sample images or try your own. Experiment with color, grayscale, and bitonal image cleanup to find the right features to enhance your document images. The sample application is available for download with the ScanFix Xpress SDK.



C# Tutorial

See how easy it is to build ScanFix cleanup operations into your C# image processing application. Use ScanFix Xpress to process images using features such as deskew, virtual bulb, auto binarize and despeckle. Use ImagXpress to view the images.

Watch this "how to" video for a jump start on integrating the highest quality image cleanup technology available, into your own application.

Click here to view the ImagXpress Compression Video