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USB Scanner SDK

Easily integrate USB scanning into existing Android applications, or build new scanning-enabled apps with USB Scanner SDK!

For the first time, connect your Android device to a USB scanner and send your documents directly to your Android apps.

Save the image, share them via Gmail, Skype, or any other installed application that supports sharing.

Scan "directly" from Gmail, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, and many others. Share scanned documents directly through your normal share options such as Gmail, Skype, text message, Bluetooth, etc.

EvernoteWhile using other apps, like Evernote, on your Android device, if you wish to attach a scanned document to your note, you can press the camera button and choose the USB Scanner app. Once the document is scanned, it will automatically attach that image to the note and return you to Evernote.

USB Scanner also works great with:
Gmail Gmail
Google Drive Google Drive
Use your USB scanner to scan single or multipage documents to PDF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP.
Compatible with Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) and later.
Select where to save on your SD card or just scan straight to another app.
Includes ability to adjust the resolution, select black and white, gray or color, and adjust brightness.
USB Scanner Fits Your Busy Schedule

ConstructionOn-Site Inspection Documents and Permits are now more easily and quickly sent to the necessary authorities, which means your project keeps on moving forward.
Home HealthIn-Home Health Workers Get Signed Medical Forms back to the office faster than ever, allowing more one on one care for the patient.
Insurance Adjustments and AppraisalsInsurance Adjustments and Appraisals are More Efficient when the vehicle information and signed statements can be sent to the home office immediately.