Creating an application with PDF support has never been easier than building it with PDF Xpress.
Easily create, modify, and render PDF and PDF/A files from within your applications.
Split, merge, insert, move and delete pages from existing PDF documents.
Compress an entire existing PDF document with just a change to a single property.
Control Your PDFs
Build feature-rich applications by giving users more control and security over PDF documents.

  • Create new PDF documents
  • Customize security settings with Permissions, Encryption Method, and User and Owner Passwords
  • Create image-only PDF/A compliant documents
  • Rapidly display large PDF images such as engineering drawings
  • Determine whether color information may be safely removed to reduce file size
  • Extract each image in a PDF file
  • Rotate the page(s) of a PDF file
  • Support hyperlinks in a PDF file
  • Extract pages from a PDF document
  • Extract attachments from a PDF portfolio

PDF Xpress continues to be on the forefront of compression technology.

  • Apply customizable compression settings to control the amount and type of compression applied.
  • Perform lossless compression to reduce document size without sacrificing content.

PDF Portfolios

Build a PDF portfolio of multiple documents and document types, allowing for a single file to contain images, Word documents, spreadsheets, and more.