Fast, Flexible Document Processing in Your Application

Through a collection of UI components and content manipulation APIs, PrizmDoc helps web developers embed secure document processing functionality into their applications with ease. With its ability to view, collaborate, convert documents and edit spreadsheets, PrizmDoc can turn any application into a full document lifecycle management solution. 

PrizmDoc can be self-hosted on your own infrastructure or accessed through a fully managed backend on Accusoft’s public or private cloud. And with best-in-class support, Accusoft’s Enablement Services to ensure a seamless PrizmDoc implementation.

PrizmDoc Provides Multiple Options for Flexible Deployment


"I need my data to remain internal and require more control over server configuration options."
Host PrizmDoc on your own infrastructure, with control over configuration options.
If you are working in a highly regulated industry and need on-site control over your data and security, with the greatest flexibility for customization over your server configurations.

Private Cloud-Hosted

"The public cloud exceeds my risk tolerance but I still need the scalability modern apps demand."
Connect to a fully managed, private, isolated infrastructure to meet SLA requirements.
If you are working in a regulated industry and need all the benefits of a traditional public cloud with the security and performance of a dedicated and isolated infrastructure.


"I'm just getting started and want to test-drive your solutions for my company's use cases."
Connect to a fully managed backend, where you are always on the latest version.
If you want a straightforward, no-frills API, but want to embed our powerful document and image processing features in your applications.

Cloud Hosted

Best-In-Class Support

Need help planning and managing your PrizmDoc integration? We’re here to help! We’ll work closely with your team to help review requirements, features, and integration into your system.

We look for partnerships that are responsive and easy to work with. We want a reliable company that has the technical expertise and ability to support us. Accusoft checked off those boxes quickly by being responsive.

Volker Schaberg
Chief Operating Officer at TEAM Informatics

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  • Contact us to chat about your use case, and we’ll work with you to help review requirements, features, and integration into your system.
  • Once engaged in a POC, our Solution Architects are available to share their expertise and help you move forward integrating Accusoft document processing technologies into your application.

Accusoft offers the most flexible and scalable pricing options via its metered licensing models. Contact us today to chat through your specific use case for more information on pricing.

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Document Viewing

Embed responsive HTML5 document viewing, securely into your application without the need to download additional software.

Advanced OCR API

Convert images to return searchable text, offering support for full page or user-defined zones.

Explore OCR API
Video Support
Video Playback

Stream and preview video files located on a local or network drive in your application.

Explore Video Playback
Document Viewing

Display dozens of file types without the need to download additional software.

Explore Viewing
Mobile Viewing
Hybrid Viewing

Offload the majority of viewing processing to end-user devices to reduce server reliance.

Explore Hybrid Viewing

Convert more than 50 different file formats to PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG.

Explore Conversion

Easily comment and mark up documents across PDF, DOCX, image files, and other file types.

Explore Annotation
Search & Redaction

Search and manually or automatically remove sensitive information from documents before sharing to safeguard data.

Explore Search & Redaction

Electronically sign and date documents or forms within your applications without having to print and scan.

Explore eSignature
Form Creation
Form Creation

Create text fields for customized forms, or detect form fields within PDF AcroForms and image files to create forms that can be completed online.

Explore Form Creation
Document Comparison
Document Comparison

Compare two versions of a Word document and see what changes were made between the two versions.

Explore Document Comparison

Add text, diagonal text, and image watermarks to stop unauthorized copying of shared documents. 

Explore Watermarking

Spreadsheet Viewing and Editing

Integrate spreadsheet editing tools that allow you to natively make edits to Microsoft Excel files inside your web application. 


Open and view existing XLSX files, display embedded graphics, and view protected worksheets with locked and hidden cells.

Spreadsheet Editing
Editing Content

Cut, copy, paste, undo/redo values and existing formulas, add new formulas, recalculate dependent formulas, and clear/delete content.

Document Editing
Editing Format

Adjust alignment within cells, change number formatting, edit fonts, add bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and background color, and resize, insert or delete rows and columns.

Document Reviewing

View, add, delete, and edit notes.

Native Redaction

Redact cell content and search results, add redaction reasons, and save to XLSX without losing the benefits of a native spreadsheet.

Access Control
Control Access

Secure the most current version of spreadsheets and control end-user handling and access.

Accelerate Your App Development, Save Money, AND Get to Market Faster

With responsive document viewing capabilities, PrizmDoc offers superior deployment and accessibility without compromising security.

Easily integrating into your existing application or system solution on the client and server-side smoothly, Accusoft’s PrizmDoc creates a seamless experience for both you and your users.

Upgrade Your Application’s Potential with Accusoft

Product Owners

Backed by 30 years of software development experience, and over 40 patents, Accusoft can help you save development time and get to market faster!


With robust APIs and SDK’s, and best-in-class support, Accusoft can help you securely embed document & image processing technology in your web applications and system solutions.


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