Document and imaging tools
built for developers.

A customizable document viewer and imaging suite that lets you add powerful collaboration tools like redaction and annotation to your Java, .NET, or C# application.

Comprehensive developer toolkits for viewing, compression, barcode, forms processing, and OCR to build into your .NET, Java, C/C++, Node.js and other applications.

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PrizmDoc: A Powerful Alternative For Crocodoc Users

HTML5 document viewer Crocodoc is scheduled for End-Of-Life (EOL) on January 15, 2018. Organizations that still rely on Crocodoc to handle document viewing in their ...

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Uses for Barcodes in Inventory Management

Uses for Barcodes in Inventory Management

Inventory warehouses and distribution centers can contain hundreds of thousands of square feet of space filled with row after row of shelved items. The online ...

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html5 image viewer

Why Use an HTML5 Image Viewer?

Image viewing technology for web pages and apps has made huge leaps in recent years. Self-contained viewers that work on all browsers and platforms represent ...

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PDF.js vs PrizmDoc HTML5 Document Viewer

PDF.js is free, but underperforms PrizmDoc in 5 different feature/performance areas The ability to display files to users directly in the web browser is a ...

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