Document and imaging tools
built for developers.

A customizable document viewer and imaging suite that lets you add powerful collaboration tools like redaction and annotation to your Java, .NET, or C# application.

Comprehensive developer toolkits for viewing, compression, barcode, forms processing, and OCR to build into your .NET, Java, C/C++, Node.js and other applications.

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4 Benefits Of Using Automated Data Capture Instead Of Manually Entering Form Data

In a world where automation is gradually taking hold of so many business processes, manual data entry is still alive and clicking. Companies in various ...

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voice microphone prizm doc

A Guide for Adding Voice Support to the PrizmDoc viewer

Technology is simplifying communication between humans and computers. The old keyboard-and-mouse model has become antiquated for many uses, and even touch screens introduce inefficiencies to ...

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workers collaborating and sharing cad drawing

5 Tech Solutions To Share & Manage CAD Drawings Across Your Organization

CAD drawings pose several unique challenges for document management. They require special software to view, and have several complexities (layers, 3D angles, lighting, etc.) that ...

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ehr doctor patient

3 Powerful Features You Can Add To Your EHR System With PrizmDoc APIs

The use of electronic health records (EHR) systems has been steadily rising in the healthcare industry. A government study released in December 2016, in fact, ...

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