Key Features:

  • View JPEG 2000, Lossless JPEG, Lossy JPEG Images
  • 8-bit through 16-bit Grayscale Decompression
  • RGB and CMYK Color Support
  • Image Resize for Fast Image Display
SDK Support Offered For:
Image Viewer Sample:

Download the AIMTools Image Viewer from the iTunes Store or Google Play!

Use AIMTools to view grayscale medical images on the iPad®, iPhone®, and Android™ mobile devices.

Medical professionals can now access a wide array of medical images critical to their work, without sacrificing important image details. For the first time, doctors and patients can view Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000 images on iOS™ and Android mobile devices.

AIMTools provides developers with a mobile SDK to meet the demands of tomorrow's medical applications. Now mobile apps can facilitate rapid collaboration among physicians and the viewing of Electronic Health Records by patients.

Using AIMTools, documents scanned and stored as TIFFs can now be viewed on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Lossless document images stored as JPEG 2000 images can be viewed with no loss of detail on mobile devices.
Mobile viewing of industry-standard images on iOS and Android!
AIMTools In Your Applications
Whether you are building an ECM Solution, BPM, Transactional Process or just a Document Repository, our viewer can create intuitive digital experiences to help your users view, collaborate, annotate, make decisions, and automate processes.
For DoctorsMobile Imaging for Doctors
Physicians and surgeons can use mobile devices to share detailed, lossless medical images more rapidly for consulting and triage. During patient visits, doctors want the convenience of applications that can view medical images on mobile tablets to improve communication with their patients.

For PatientsMobile Imaging for Patients
Patients are demanding more access to their medical records, resulting in the rapid growth of Electronic Health Record applications. Patients accessing medical records from mobile applications can view medical images attached to their medical records.

Lossless Document ImagingLossless Document Imaging
Many documents are scanned and stored in lossless formats such as TIFF or JPEG 2000, in order to preserve image detail. To support viewing of these images on iOS or Android, applications need AIMTools.
Now with support for Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000
AIMTools image viewing has expanded to support 8-bit through 16-bit Lossless JPEG and JPEG 2000 on iOS and Android.
Are you a PICTools customer?
Enjoy a quick start to your development by taking advantage of an API you already know. Built from highly optimized C JPEG decompression code used worldwide by some of the largest medical imaging companies.
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