Accusoft optimizes standards-based image compression technologies, including JPEG XR, JPEG 2000, TIFF, JPEG, lossless JPEG, and PDF.

Technology is delivered for multiple development environments, on multiple 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Obtain faster lossy and lossless compression and decompression, higher quality images, and reliable support when you need improvements.

VIDEO: Introduction To Lossy Image Data Compression

Windows | Solaris | IBM AIX | Linux | Mac OS X

PICTools high-performance C libraries deliver the fastest image compression and decompression available. Available as DLLs or static libraries it also provides superior image editing, including auto image enhancements.

PICTools technologies are supported across multiple environments, including:

  • 32-bit / 64-bit Windows
  • 32-bit / 64-bit Solaris SPARC
  • 32-bit / 64-bit Solaris x86
  • 32-bit / 64-bit Linux
  • Mac OS X


.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32/64-bit

ImagXpress provides .NET and ActiveX APIs to the underlying functionality and speed of PICTools. Easily add functionality for annotation, thumbnail, image capture or PDF support in a few lines of code.

  • Extensive file format support
  • TWAIN and ISIS image capture
  • Easy to add Thumbnail and Annotation support


.NET 32/64-bit | Java | WPF | Silverlight | ASP.NET | ActiveX 32-bit | Unix 32/64-bit

ImageGear provides tools for image compression and more, and includes managed .NET code. It provides developers everything they need to build and deploy powerful imaging solutions on almost any platform with speed and ease.

  • Scanning and compression
  • Viewing, annotation, and printing
  • Image editing and processing
  • Comprehensive OCR capabilities
  • Plus PDF, DICOM, and vector support