Document Viewer for eDiscovery

The fastest, highest quality document viewer delivers secure, fully customizable viewing and collaboration.

Why legal professionals love Prizm Content Connect:

  • No plugins, apps or other software installs on the client
  • Mobile viewing on iOS, Android, BlackBerry
  • Annotation, redaction and advanced search
  • Security via 256-bit encryption and DRM
  • SharePoint integration option
Investigate Native Content
Keep Investigators Focused
Search Smartly
Annotate and Redact
    • Investigators can almost always take advantage of native content instead of being limited to the reduced discovery value of petrified TIFF and JPEG files.
    • Simplify your eDiscovery workflow by giving investigators a single, intuitive interface for viewing any type of document.
    • Built-in advanced search tools—including wildcards, pattern-matching and hit highlighting—integrate with SharePoint Search, ECMs and web applications.
    • Mark-up native format documents, and “burn in” marks to PDF production versions while preserving the original, unmarked file.