Key Features:

  • Character recognition, form recognition, form dropout and OMR
  • Scanned document cleanup
  • Zonal OCR, ICR
  • SDK Support Offered For:
    .NET 32/64-bit
    ActiveX 32-bit
    FormSuite makes it easier and faster for you to develop your forms processing application.

    FormSuite for Structured Forms is provided as both .NET and ActiveX SDKs.

    Full-featured trial versions are available for evaluation prior to purchase. A demonstration sample application (and its C# source code) is included to facilitate evaluation.

    Scan Your Forms

    Bypass manual data entry entirely. Scan in forms containing valuable data.
    Enhance & Clean Up

    Enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.
    Identify & Align Forms

    Recognize incoming scanned forms from your master form library.
    Drop Out & Extract Zones

    Drop out the forms and extract fields of hand-printed text, typed text, check marks or bubble marks.
    OCR, ICR, OMR, & Barcode

    Perform OCR, ICR, or OMR on the extracted fields, which could include names, amounts, or serial numbers.
    Ready For Storage

    Store the results in a database or pass them to the next step in your workflow.

    Extend your forms processing to include barcode, PDF or MICR support with Add-On SDKs.

    • Match forms that are rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees from template image
    • Match forms scaled from 90% to 110% of the template size
    • Match forms scanned at 50% to 150% of the template resolution
    • Match forms skewed up to 20 degrees
    • Limit matching to a subset of templates
    • Set the level of effort for form matching
    • Set minimum acceptable confidence level for form matching
    • Return up to 100 alternative form matches of lower certainty
    • Can also use anchor marks for registration
    • Can apply aligned image adjustments to the original image
    • Register forms even when they exhibit:
    • Skew up to 20 degrees
    • Scale from 90 to 110%
    • Resolutions from 50% 150% of the template
    • Rotation (at 90, 180, and 270 degrees)
    • Adjust for distortion caused by printing, copying or scanning
    • Apply "character smoothing" for increased OCR accuracy
    • Selective drop out in specified fields
    • Create image clips by cropping from source image
    • Specify fields as grids (rows by columns) or single bubbles
    • Programmatic specification of bubble shapes
    • Recognize checked boxes
    • Unlimited number of fields
    • Set recognition parameters for each field
    • View confidence values for each OMR field
    • For reading, revising and writing form templates and sets
    • For bitonal, grayscale and color files
    • Unicode character support
    • Customer-defined field types, and custom data attached to fields, forms, and form sets