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Automating Manual Data Entry with Robotic Process Automation

automated manual data entry rpa

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is becoming more and more intertwined in business processes. More Chief Information Officers are turning to this technology to empower employees to devote more time to high-value projects.

RPA is paving the way to reduced staffing costs and increased productivity. After all, there’s only so many manual processes a human can do in one day. Bots are typically cost-effective and easy-to-implement, especially given the fact that they don’t require custom software or deep systems integration, so how could simple technology help large corporations save? First, let’s discuss how Accusoft and RPA can work together.


Technology That Identifies and Secures Data

FormSuite for Structured Forms is an SDK that helps developers add forms processing technology into their application. With this addition, developers can input user-filled forms directly into the application. Accusoft’s forms processing technology identifies and detects data from these user-filled forms.

Newer companies have more modern IT systems that allow this data capture to integrate directly into the backend systems. However, some older corporations are often stuck with legacy systems that don’t enable easy technology integrations or upgrades. These legacy systems rely on manual data entry. With Accusoft’s data detection working with RPA, data entry can be automated.

patient entry application


Using RPA to Enhance Legacy Systems

With the help of Accusoft’s technology, RPA can extract data from common forms. The forms processing server grabs images, processes the information, and transfers the data to the RPA bot. Using this output, the RPA bot can easily transfer the data into a legacy system – even if it requires keystrokes to work. Simply set up the RPA to type the data by keystroke and you’re set to go.

Accusoft’s engineers worked on the code to connect the XML file to specific legacy systems so that the robot could automatically populate the data in the correct fields. With this new advancement in technology, Accusoft hopes to start working on more automated processes for their customers very soon.

form assist assorted forms


Seeking Partnerships with RPA Solutions

With a driven team of software engineers and architects, Accusoft is bringing RPA, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) into their product partnership conversations. The goal is to continue to find new ways to use RPA, ML, and AI to create agile solutions for large corporations stuck with data in a legacy system.

In addition, Accusoft is seeking partnership with RPA solution providers to enhance its offerings and expand on the conversation on customer solutions. To learn more about Accusoft’s current forms processing offering, you can check out our FormSuite for Structured Forms toolkit here.