TEAM Informatics Improves Its Content Management System with PrizmDoc Viewer



Document management toolkits help businesses enhance the way they view and collaborate on content. TEAM Informatics discovered Accusoft while researching solutions for document viewing within an application. The organization was in the process of building a new user interface for their enterprise content management (ECM) solution, ContentWorX, on the Oracle WebCenter platform.

  • In the process of building ContentWorX, TEAM Informatics started searching for a document viewer in early 2018. They were looking for a solution that enabled users to view documents within the application, but needed additional features like annotation, redaction, and commenting.
  • The new ECM would house documents of various file types, enabling the end-user to search through content and find the right file in seconds. With this new user interface (UI) in the works, TEAM Informatics wanted to improve their current document viewer integration with a more modern and customizable API.
"When TEAM Informatics decided to develop a new user interface, we were looking for a world-class viewer that would not only replace the functionality of the current user interface part-by-part, but add additional capabilities like annotation, manual redaction, and search within the viewer."

– Volker Schaberg, Chief Operating Officer

“We wanted to address the content preview screen. We needed it to be fast, scalable, and able to handle the wide range of file formats that the ECM would throw at it.”

– Volker Schaberg, Chief Operating Officer


TEAM Informatics was building a new, more modern UI for Oracle WebCenter that needed more than basic viewing functionality. During their search, they found a few unique products and tested them out for value, customizability, and customer service.

They needed to replace their current document viewer for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The document viewer they were using was getting harder and harder to maintain.
  • There were issues and difficulties that prevented growth within the platform.
  • The viewer was not fast, scalable, or able to handle a wide range of file formats.
  • They were concerned the API wouldn't be able to handle a variety of customer use cases.
  • End users could not select text, search, annotate, or redact within the viewer itself.

After weeks of testing, PrizmDoc Viewer quickly rose to the surface as the product of choice. Response times to queries were fast and efficient and Accusoft's customer service was quick-to-respond and knowledgeable about the product.


After implementing PrizmDoc Viewer within their application, TEAM Informatics saw a drastic change to the functionalities they were able to perform. PrizmDoc is now the centerpiece to their ECM interface, enabling Oracle WebCenter users to preview content before downloading.

PrizmDoc Viewer brought value and enhanced functionality to TEAM Informatic's ContentWorX platform. The user experience is more friendly and agile than ever before. Working together, Accusoft helped TEAM Informatics solve its ECM challenges.


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Customer Profile

TEAM Informatics is an Enterprise Content Management software expert in both Advisory Services and implementation services. With over 18 years in the content space, TEAM has helped customers successfully adopt and utilize a variety of industry leading technologies to streamline both content findability and business processes. TEAM has also built a suite of content services that extend these platforms to produce unique solutions such as automatic redaction, auto-classification, eSignature, and records management. Partnerships with M-Files, Oracle, Syl Search, Elasticsearch, HelloSign and many more bring TEAM to the forefront of an all-in-one enterprise content solution provider.