Does PrizmDoc render hidden content by default?


When viewing an Excel document with hidden content in the viewer, the content remains visible when otherwise expected to remain hidden. Is this intended behavior?


Short answer: Yes.

Currently, both PrizmDoc Cloud and PrizmDoc Viewer (Self-Hosted) are configured to render hidden content by default, so this is expected behavior.

For PrizmDoc Viewer (Self-Hosted) users, this rendering behavior is configurable using the central configuration file.

The file paths for the central configuration file are:

  • Linux: /usr/share/prizm/prizm-services-config.yml
  • Windows: C:\Prizm\prizm-services-config.yml

Simply add/modify the following parameter:

fileTypes.excel.renderHiddenContent: false

Setting the render option to false will hide content as expected, whereas true will render it.