How can I bypass the download options pane in PrizmDoc?


When I click on the download button a ‘download options’ pane appears to the left of the Viewer.

Is there a way I can modify the client code such that clicking the download button skips this step and just downloads the document as a PDF, burning in all the marks/redactions/e-signatures?


To clear the event listener for the download button and attach your own, you can add this in your client-side JavaScript after the Viewer has been initialized:


$("button.pcc-icon.pcc-icon-download").on("click", function (event) {
    $("div.pcc-select-download div.pcc-label").html("PDF");

This will add a new click listener to the download button. In the example above, the click listener sets download parameters (type is set to “PDF”, and marks/redactions/esignatures are included), and then immediately calls the click event on the “download” button that would normally be in the download pane. This should make it so that when the user clicks the download button, the notification dialog immediately appears instead of the download pane, as shown below:

From here the user can click the “save” button to download the resultant document.