How can I enable the Always Use Raster feature of PrizmDoc in our Webforms sample?


We are using the Webforms Samples and want to know how to enable the “Always User Raster” feature. Which file needs to be modified and how should it be modified?


In order to enable the “Always Use Raster” option for our Webforms sample, you will need to do the following:

  • Modify the Default.aspx file
  • Update the Central Configuration file

How To:

  1. In the Sample, before modifying, make a backup of the following file for safekeeping:


  1. In the original file, modify the code that is located close to line 115:


Line to Replace:

} else {
        sessionData.source = getDocumentSource(query.document || '');

Replace with:

} else {
        sessionData.source = getDocumentSource(query.document || '');
        sessionData.render = {
          html5: {
             alwaysUseRaster: true
  1. Next, to update the Central Configuration file you will need to stop the Prizm Services.

  2. Make a backup of the prizm\prizm-services-config.yml file.

  3. Edit the .yml file and remove the leading # for the following line and add true to the array so that it looks like the following:

[true, false]

  1. Restart the Prizm Services.