How can I improve performance and memory usage of scanning in Barcode Xpress?


How can I improve the performance and memory usage of scanning/recognition in Barcode Xpress?


Barcode Xpress supports a number of optimization settings that can improve your recognition performance, sometimes up to 40%, along with memory usage. The best way to optimize Barcode Xpress is to fine-tune the properties of the Reader class to be specific to your application’s requirements.


  • The best way to increase performance is to limit which barcodes Barcode Xpress should search for. By default, BarcodeTypes is set to UnknownBarcode which targets all 1D barcodes.


  • This property will instruct Barcode Xpress to halt searching after finding a specified number of barcodes. The default value is 100.

Area & Orientation

  • If you know the location or orientation of your barcodes in your image, specifying an orientation (such as Horizontal) and area can prevent Barcode Xpress from searching for vertical or diagonal barcodes, or in places where barcodes would not exist.


  • Raising this value increases performance by applying looser recognition techniques by skipping rows of an image. However, this may fail to detect barcodes.

Finally, BarcodeXpress Professional edition does not impose a 40 page-per-minute limit on processing.