How do I eliminate the ActiveX warning that states, “This Website Wants to Run the Following Add-on: Pegasus Imaging Prizm Viewer v8 ActiveX from Pegasus Imaging Corporation?


If your web server is an internet web server:

1) Open Internet Explorer.
2) Click on the Tools and a menu displays. Click on Internet Options.
3) The Internet Options dialog box displays. Select the Security tab.
4) Near the bottom of the Security tab click on Custom level. The Security Settings – Internet Zone dialog box displays.
5) Scroll down to the section labeled Active X controls and plug-ins.
6) Under the option Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt, select Enable.
7) Scroll down to the option Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins and select Enable.
8) Click OK. A Warning window displays asking: Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?
9) Click Yes. You will return to the Internet Options dialog box.
10) Click Apply.
11) Close Internet Explorer and then your internet settings are changed.

If your web server is an intranet web server:

1) From Internet Explorer, click Tools on the menu bar.
Click Internet Options at the bottom of the list.
Choose the Security tab and click the green checkmark labeled Trusted sites.
2) Click the Sites button.
3) Uncheck the checkbox: “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone”.
4) Verify that http://yourintranetsite/ appears under “Add this website to the zone:” and click Add.
5) Check the “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” checkbox.
6) Click Close.

To stop ActiveX warnings specifically for Prizm Viewer please use the following steps. Please note this assumes that IE 7 or IE 8 is being used.

1) From Internet Explorer, click Tools on the menu bar.
2) Click Manage Add-ons in the middle of the list.
3) Click the Show: dropdown menu in the top portion of the window and select All Add-ons.
4) Find the Pegasus Image Corporation group in the add-ons list.
5) Make sure the Prizm Viewer v8.0 entry has a status of Enabled. The entry name will include a service pack version number.
6) Double-click the Prizm Viewer v8.0 entry.
7) Modify the list of Restricted sites to include the sites that Prizm Viewer will be used with.
8) Close the two open windows.