I have some very large files that I need to upload. Is there an FTP location that you can provide to upload the files to?


If you are an existing customer, you can access our server using any of the following with your current credentials:


Protocol URL Port
FTPS ftp.accusoft.com 21
SFTP ftp.accusoft.com 22
HTTPS https://ftp.accusoft.com 443

To access the server with FTPS/SFTP using a browser, you may need to install/enable a plugin or extension. To access using HTTPS, you would use the URL shown above. FTPS and SFTP are accessible using most any FTP Client (e.g. filezilla, WinSCP etc.) Windows 10 b1803 and newer have sftp.exe built-in. This is a command-line-only utility for transferring files using SFTP.