In PrizmDoc, how can I get the page coordinates of my cursor?


In PrizmDoc, I can get the coordinates of a Click event. However, this corresponds to the window coordinates of my viewer. How can I translate this to coordinates of the actual page?


As specified in our documentation here, PrizmDoc offers the following method:

convertPageToWindowCoordinates(pageNumber, points)

This appears to do the opposite of what we want: it takes in a page number and coordinates of the page, and converts them and outputs window coordinates. However, we can use this to get what we want. Suppose we test coordinates (0,0) of the page, we should get:

Page: (0,0)
Window: (0,0)

Now let’s test point (0,1) of the page, let’s call this a “Unit Distance”. Suppose we get back:

Page: (0, 1)
Window: (0, 5)

If the function gave us this, then we know that the coordinate transformation along the Y-axis is a factor of 5. Now whenever we want to know the correct image coordinate, we can simply divide our window’s Y coordinate by 5. Programmatically, you should be able to take the information from the Unit Distance in both the X and Y axis, and create a function in which you input Window Coordinates and output Page Coordinates.