Is it possible to automatically annotate a document using PrizmDoc?


Is it possible to automatically annotate a document, similar to the Auto-Redaction feature, using PrizmDoc?


An auto-annotation feature isn’t an out-of-the-box feature but with some work, it can be done. This would involve creating a searchTask and using the information from it to programmatically create XML markup that can be used in the MarkupBurner.

To do this you would need to create a searchTask for the pattern you would like to annotate. You can then get the results of the searchTask as JSON which will contain all occurrences of that pattern/search. Each search result will include the selected text, the page on which it occurs, the starting index of the result, and the dimensions and coordinates of the bounding rectangles for that search result.

All this information can be used to construct the markup XML to add the annotations with the markup burner.

Once you have constructed the XML you would post to the MarkupBurner with the XML as the body to burn the document.