Is it possible to change the login accounts on PrizmDoc services in Windows?


When installing PrizmDoc, we specified the wrong user ID and password for the 3 PrizmDoc services. Can we safely change them to another account?


It is possible to change the Login User account on the three PrizmDoc services: Prizm, PrizmDemo, and Prizm Application Services.

You will need to ensure the user id you use is in the local administrators group on the server, as well as a part of the Login As a Service rights in the machine’s local security policy.

To verify the user ID is added to the Local Administrators group:

  • Right-click the Windows Logo, select Run, and enter compmgmt.msc
  • In Computer Management expand Local Users and Groups
  • Under Local Users and Groups select Groups
  • Double-click Administrators group in the right panel
  • Verify the User ID is listed under Members

To verify the user Id has “Log on as a Service” rights in the Local Security Policy:

  • Right-click the Windows Logo, select Run, and enter secpol.msc
  • User Security Settings, expand Local Polices, and User Rights Assignment
  • In the right panel, double-click Log on as a service
  • Verify the user ID is listed, and if not, click on Add User or Group to add

Changing the service “Log on As” user id:

  • Right-click the Windows Logo, select Run, and enter services.msc
  • Find a service called Prizm and double-click on it
  • Click on Log On tab and click Browse to select new user id
  • Enter the Password for the new account and then enter Confirm Password
  • Restart the service
  • Repeat the above steps for PrizmDemo and Prizm Application Services