Is there a way to remove mailto: links from a PDF after converting a MSG file to PDF using PrizmDoc?


We are converting emails into PDFs using PrizmDoc. When the PDF is viewed in PrizmDoc, if you hover over the names in the email header, you see a mailto link that provides the email address.

Is there a way to remove those links during the conversion process? We wish to ensure there are no email addresses present in the PDFs.


To work around this issue, you can first convert the email (MSG) to a TIFF file. This will remove the links and just keep the name of the email recipient. Then convert the TIFF file to a searchable PDF.

This workaround requires that your PrizmDoc license has the OCR option enabled to create the searchable PDF. If you do not need to make the text searchable, then you can just convert the TIFF to a PDF.