How do I use Apache 2.4 on Windows to proxy requests to PrizmDoc?


  1. Download Apache.  You can find it at the Apache Lounge.
  2. Extract it in C:\
  3. In Apache24\conf\httpd.conf uncomment the lines containing these phrases:
    1. proxy_module
    2. proxy_http_module
    3. mod_vhost
    4. Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf
  4. Change the contents of Apache24\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf to this:
         ServerAdmin YOUREMAILADDRESS
         DocumentRoot "C:/Apache24/htdocs"
         ServerName PrizmDocURL
         ErrorLog "logs/proxy.log"
         CustomLog "logs/proxy.log" common
        ProxyRequests On
        ProxyPreserveHost Off
             Order deny,allow
             Allow from all
         <Location "/">
             ProxyPass        "http://PrizmDocURL:18681/" connectiontimeout=5 timeout=300
             ProxyPassReverse "http://PrizmDocURL:18681/"
  5. In that same file change where it says “PrizmDocURL” to your actual URL and “YOUREMAILADDRESS” to your actual email address
  6. Open a command prompt with administrtor privilges (click the start button, type ‘cmd’, right click the icon, select “Run As Adminstrator”).
  7. Type
    c:\Apache24\bin\httpd -k start

Wow!  That was easy.  Accusoft has an amazing support team!