When printing in PrizmDoc, the bottom of my document is being cut off. Why is this happening?


When printing in PrizmDoc, the bottom of my document is being cut off. Why is this happening?

When I download the document as PDF, I do not lose parts of the document. However, if I print the document to PDF, I lose some data off the very bottom (maybe an inch or so).


In PrizmDoc, the page is to "fit to width" onto the paper by design. The bottom of the page will be cut off in cases where the length of the page extends further than the length of the paper. If you’re printing with Letter size paper (the default), it presumes a document that measures 8.50 by 11.00 inches. Suppose your document measures 8.50 x 13.00 inches. That additional 2 inches will be cut off during printing. This is why you may lose parts of the document while printing, but not if you download the document since it’s downloading the document as-is.  

To prevent this from happening, select a paper size large enough for your document (in the viewer print dialog and the system print dialog). Using the previous 8.50 x 13.00 inch example, you can select "Legal" size paper, which measures 8.50 x 14.00 inches, and would be long enough to support that document.

You could also modify your viewer to add a custom paper size if this fits your use case. Below is some sample code demonstrating this in our Viewer sample. You would need to enter your own custom paper sizes.


Changes to printTemplate.html:

    /*custom */
    .portrait .custom.page { width: 11in; height: 11in; margin: 0 auto !important; }
    .portrait .custom.pageIE { width: 9.5in; height: 9.5in; margin: 0 auto !important; }
    .portrait .custom.pageSafari { width: 8.9in; height: 8.9in; margin: 0 auto !important; }
    .portrait .custom.nomargins { width: 11in !important; height: 11in !important; }
    /* even without margins, Safari enforces the printer's non-printable area */
    .portrait .custom.nomargins.pageSafari { width: 9.32in !important; height: 9.32in !important; }
    .landscape .custom.page { height: 11in; width: 11in; margin: 0 auto !important; }
    .landscape .custom.pageIE { height: 9.05in; width: 9.05in; margin: 0 auto !important; }
    .landscape .custom.pageSafari { height: 8.4in; width: 8.4in; margin: 0 auto !important; }
    .landscape .custom.nomargins { height: 11in !important; width: 11in !important; }
    .landscape .custom.nomargins.pageSafari { height: 9.32in !important; width: 9.32in !important; }
    /*custom end*/

Changes to printOverlayTemplate.html (last line "Custom" is the only change):

    <select data-pcc-select="paperSize" class="pcc-print-select">
        <!-- US and International-->
        <option value="letter"><%= paperSizes.letter %></option>
        <option value="legal"><%= paperSizes.legal %></option>
        <option value="tabloid"><%= paperSizes.tabloid %></option>
        <option value="foolscap"><%= paperSizes.foolscap %></option>
        <!-- A formats-->
        <option value="a3"><%= paperSizes.a3 %></option>
        <option value="a4"><%= paperSizes.a4 %></option>
        <option value="a5"><%= paperSizes.a5 %></option>
        <!-- Architectural-->
        <option value="a6"><%= paperSizes.a6 %></option>
        <option value="a"><%= paperSizes.a %></option>
        <option value="b"><%= paperSizes.b %></option>
        <option value="c"><%= paperSizes.c %></option>
        <option value="d"><%= paperSizes.d %></option>
        <option value="e"><%= paperSizes.e %></option>
        <option value="e1"><%= paperSizes.e1 %></option>
        <option value="custom">Custom</option>

Additionally, if you would like to change the default selected page size you can add selected to it as follows:

<option value=\"a4\" selected><%= paperSizes.a4 %></option>