When running PrizmDoc on Linux, why is the service health page showing unhealthy when MSO is enabled?


After applying a new license/evaluation license through the license utility on Linux, the following error appears in the logs:

{"gid":"","name":"OCS","time":"2019-01-3T18:26:39.368Z","pid":36875,"level":50,"tid":36875,"taskid":8,"FATAL ERROR":"MSO feature is active, but 'fidelity.msOfficeCluster.host' and 'fidelity.msOfficeCluster.port' are not configured, going to 'Unhealthy' state"}

What could cause this issue to occur, and how can it be fixed?


As you are running on Linux, the MSO switch on the license assumes that there are additional settings configured:

fidelity.msOfficeCluster.host and fidelity.msOfficeCluster.port

These settings are meant to point to a Windows server which has Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016 installed alongside PrizmDoc with MSO enabled. This is required for MSO functionality to be enabled.

If you wish to use the license with MSO enabled but do not have a separate Windows server, you can do the following to set the PrizmDoc service to run using LibreOffice:

  1. Make a backup of /usr/share/prizm/prizm-services-config.yml file.
  2. Edit the file in the text editor of your choice and find the following line, fidelity.msOfficeDocumentsRenderer: auto
  3. Be sure to remove the hash and leading space in front of the line and then change from auto to libreoffice.
    fidelity.msOfficeDocumentsRenderer: libreoffice
  4. Restart the service by running /usr/share/prizm/scripts/pccis.sh restart