When using PrizmDoc Cloud Licensing, what could cause my Prizm service to suddenly stop?


When running PrizmDoc on multiple servers using self-hosted cloud licensing, why is the service randomly stopping on one server but not another?


When using cloud licenses, we require that the server running PrizmDoc has internet access. The server needs to communicate with the Amazon S3 bucket used for the license, and also to verify you are within the CPU core count you are licensed for.

If you are seeing the Prizm service stop on certain systems with this type of
license, you can verify the following:

  1. For all servers using this license, verify the core count on each server and then add them up. If the total number of cores exceeds what you are licensed for, then the Prizm service will shut down on the server where the service was started first after it checks the S3 bucket and determines the core count has been exceeded.
  2. If the server’s DNS resolution becomes unstable and the server is unable to resolve URLs, the Prizm service on that server will be unable to verify the license on the S3 bucket, which will cause the Prizm service to stop.
  3. Verify that the server has the appropriate rights to the S3 bucket outlined in the following FAQ: What specific rights are required on an AWS S3 bucket for PrizmDoc Cloud licensing to work?