Why am I seeing an error in pccerrors.log file stating "CloudLicenseValidationFailed"?


We are currently using PrizmDoc Cloud licensing. After applying our cloud license, the Prizm services started and show healthy, however, I see “CloudLicenseValidationFailed” errors in the PccErrors.log file. Is this normal, and do I have to worry about Prizm functionality?


Currently the licensing messages referencing “CloudLicenseValidationFailed” in PccErrors.log are a false positive and should not be taken as an issue with PrizmDoc Cloud licensing.
The more accurate way to check whether the license has been validated successfully would be to use watchdog.log and look for “Cloud License Validation” – “isValid”:true which indicates that the license is valid.

The issue regarding that error in pccerrors.log is in our product backlog to consider addressing in a future release, but it is not yet prioritized on our roadmap.