Why is my Prizm Services status "unhealthy" and showing a clock for the mongo-manager-service?


After restarting the Prizm Services, you may notice that the http://localhost:18681/admin status page shows a status of “unhealthy” and in the Internal Services section, the mongo-manager-service is showing a clock, and the text-service is showing a red x.

How can this be fixed?



This will typically occur when the mongo-manager-service detects an unclean shutdown and the cache gets corrupted.

How to Verify:

You can do a search in the C:\Prizm\logs\mongod.log file on Windows or the /usr/share/prizm/logs/mongod.log file on Linux for the word "unclean" and you may find the following error:

Detected unclean shutdown -
C:\Prizm\cache\mongo-manager-service\data\mongod.lock is not empty.


  1. Stop the Prizm Services.

  2. For PrizmDoc 13.3 and above, clear out all subfolders under prizm\cache (leave the prizm\cache folder).

  3. For PrizmDoc 13.2 and prior, clear out all files and subfolders under C:\Prizm\services\mongo-manager-service\bin\mongodb\data

  4. Start the Prizm Services.