Why is our PrizmDoc Viewer performance degrading over time?


We have been noticing in our PrizmDoc environment that the viewer seems to take longer and longer to view documents over time. After a few days, we restart the Prizm services, and the Viewer processes faster. What might be the reason for this issue?


This issue is typically caused by a change in the core count of the server after PrizmDoc has been installed. Specifically, the non-interactive heap size will not automatically update if the core count is changed after PrizmDoc has been installed. We update this value during install.

If you have made changes to the core count of the server after installation, please see the following page for correlation between the non-interactive heap size and the CPU cores count:

The reason the non-interactive heap size matters here is because it affects performance of the Office and HTML conversion services, and the symptom of insufficient non-interactive heap size is soffice.bin crashing.