Why is the installation of my new version of PrizmDoc failing if I have a previous version installed?


We wanted to upgrade our previous version of PrizmDoc to the most recent release. However, when trying to install the latest version, the installation is failing. What do I need to do to get the latest version installed?


Typically, this issue may occur if you are upgrading from an older major version to a new major version, such as from PrizmDoc 11 to PrizmDoc 12 or PrizmDoc 13. If you are upgrading from one minor version to another, such as PrizmDoc 13.1 to PrizmDoc 13.6, then it should be seamless.

If you do have issues in either circumstance, it is usually due to files, folders, or registry settings that were left behind from the older version.

In order to fix the installation, please follow the process below to ensure the previous version is completely removed.

  1. Ensure previous installation folders are deleted:

    \Prizm and \ProgramData\Accusoft.

  2. Back-up your Windows registry, and then click on Start > Run, and type in regedit

  3. Click Edit and select Find, and then type Prizm

  4. When it finds a match, right-click on the registry key and select Delete

  5. Click F3 to find the next match, and repeat Step 4 for each key.

  6. Repeat Step 5 until the search comes back with “Finished Searching Registry”

  7. Reboot Server and attempt to re-install.