Why is the Prizm service not starting after I apply my PrizmDoc Cloud license?


We have just applied the solution name and key for our cloud license, however, when trying to start the Prizm service, it fails to start.
What could be causing this issue?


There are a few reasons why this would occur:

  1. The server does not have internet access. Internet access is required for cloud licensing to connect to an S3 bucket.
  2. The server does not have proper rights to access the S3 bucket configured. Please verify the rights to the S3 bucket. Information can be found here: https://help.accusoft.com/PrizmDoc/latest/HTML/prizmdoc-cloud-license-and-aws.html
  3. Verify the solution name is spelled properly. The solution name is case-sensitive.
  4. Verify that the name of the S3 bucket entered in the customer portal matches your actual S3 bucket name. The S3 bucket name is case-sensitive.