Key Features:

  • Form recognition, registration, and dropout
  • Mark recognition (bubbles and check-boxes)
SDK Support Offered For:
.NET 32/64-bit
ActiveX 32-bit
Need to process OCR or ICR text in form fields? Check out FormSuite!

FormSuite Pricing Bundle
.NET 32/64-bit | ActiveX 32-bit

A Forms Application Development Suite that includes the FormFix & SmartZone SDKs.

Offers zonal OCR, ICR and OMR capability and more.

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With the FormFix SDK, you can build powerful forms processing applications that include form recognition, registration, and dropout, along with image cleanup and OMR (optical mark recognition for check boxes, bubbles, etc).

Designed for production-level forms processing, FormFix technology was chosen for the largest data capture project in history, the Decennial Census.

Visit the Demo page to see it in action or to install a demonstration program, or download the FormSuite SDK to compile and run sample code, and develop your own forms processing solution.
Match scanned forms against pre-defined template forms, align and drop out the blank form image, then clip and pass the data on for cleanup and recognition.
Enhance & Clean Up
Enhance and clean up scanned images for improved recognition.
Identify & Align Forms
Recognize incoming scanned forms from your master form library.
Drop Out & Extract Zones
Drop out forms and extract fields of check marks or bubble marks.
  • Match forms that are rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees from template image
  • Match forms scaled from 90% to 110% of the template size
  • Match forms scanned at 50% to 150% of the template resolution
  • Match forms skewed up to 20 degrees
  • Limit matching to a subset of templates
  • Set the level of effort for form matching
  • Set minimum acceptable confidence level for form matching
  • Return up to 100 alternative form matches of lower certainty
  • Can also use anchor marks for registration
  • Can apply aligned image adjustments to the original image
  • Register forms even when they exhibit:
  • Skew up to 20 degrees
  • Scale from 90 to 110%
  • Resolutions from 50% 150% of the template
  • Rotation (at 90, 180, and 270 degrees)
  • Adjust for distortion caused by printing, copying or scanning
  • Apply "character smoothing" for increased OCR accuracy
  • Selective drop out in specified fields
  • Create image clips by cropping from source image
  • Specify fields as grids (rows by columns) or single bubbles
  • Programmatic specification of bubble shapes
  • Recognize checked boxes
  • Unlimited number of fields
  • Set recognition parameters for each field
  • View confidence values for each OMR field
  • For reading, revising and writing form templates and sets
  • For bitonal, grayscale and color files
  • Unicode character support
  • Customer-defined field types, and custom data attached to fields, forms, and form sets