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Accusoft Adds Web-Accelerating PNG Compression to Image Processing SDK

ImagXpress now reduces PNG file sizes by up to 89% to accelerate website loading

TAMPA, Fla. – January 14, 2015 – Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces today that it has releasedImagXpress v13.1, an enhanced version of its software development kit (SDK) for empowering applications with selectable functions for scanning, image compression, viewing, annotation, printing and document cleanup.

The new version can enable applications to losslessly reduce the size of PNG images by up to 89%, for a dramatic improvement in page-load times for web pages using inline images optimized by ImagXpress. (The amount of compression achievable varies by file, but ImagXpress can reduce most PNG images by two-thirds or more.) Other solutions can achieve similar compression levels, but only at the cost of degrading the quality of the image by reducing the number of colors. The patented compression technology applied by ImagXpress reduces file size without compromising image quality.

A longtime leader in advanced image compression technology, Accusoft has built on ImagXpress’s patented JPEG compression functionality to add the same exceptional file-reducing power to PNG. Optimized JPEG and PNG images display faster, trimming the load time of websites containing them, and also require dramatically less storage space on servers and in file archives.

According to a recent study by technology survey company W3Techs, the non-patented PNG format is now more popular than GIF, the proprietary file format PNG was developed to replace. As the PNG format gains ground, optimization is essential to hold the attention of impatient web visitors and to rein in the size of ever-expanding image archives.

ImagXpress also gives developers programmable settings to control the amount of compression to apply, enabling applications that create or edit PNG images to achieve an optimal balance between image quality and file size. Other enhancements in ImagXpress v13.1 include the option to select the transform mode for JPEG images (sequential or progressive) and improved support for images in camera RAW formats.

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