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Accusoft Launches New No-Code Workflow Designer for OnTask

OnTask enhances its workflow automation software making it quick and easy to build custom workflows to streamline business processes.

Tampa, Fla. – September 5, 2017 – Accusoft, the leader in document and imaging tools, announced the launch of it’s new no-code workflow designer in its web-based business process automation software OnTask. The workflow designer allows companies to easily and quickly build custom business processes that automate all of the tasks in the process, without coding or the assistance of IT.

“Workflow and business process management softwares have traditionally been too technical and complex for the everyday process owners—they need an easy-to-use alternative,” said Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft. “With OnTask’s no-code workflow designer, we have empowered end-users from the Director of Finance to the HR Coordinator to create and deploy their unique processes.”

OnTask offers features like workflow automation, digital signatures and forms automation for users to manage content electronically, all of which can be customized to each company’s unique document management needs. The web-based business process management tool can integrate seamlessly with CRM and document management systems to increase efficiency, productivity, and reduce manual entry errors. Its automated workflow processes eliminate process bottlenecks and reduce costs associated with manual business processes. Now, users can create and deploy customized workflows that go beyond signing to meet their unique business needs.

“Entering an IT or development ticket to create or edit workflows is not the best use of resources,” said Todd Neal, OnTask product manager. “Having to go through several requests to make a simple edit or change to a workflow becomes a hinderance to the timely completion of business processes. OnTask’s no-code workflow designer puts the design ability where it should be—the process owner’s hands.”

OnTask’s no-code workflow designer highlights OnTask’s commitment to helping business process owners quickly and efficiently build and deploy workflows without the need for IT or development resources. The ability to quickly build and deploy custom workflows that automate business processes makes doing business easy, allowing staff to get back to work that really matters.

Visit the OnTask website for more information and to start your free trial.

About OnTask
OnTask is a web-based workflow automation solution that can help you revolutionize the way you do business by replacing your time-consuming manual document processes with automated digital processes. Built on proven and trusted technology. OnTask is brought to you by Accusoft—a leading document and imaging technology provider since 1991.

About Accusoft
Accusoft offers a robust portfolio of document and imaging tools created for developers. Our APIs and software development toolkits are built using patented technology, providing high-performance document viewing, advanced search, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools for use in application and web development.