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Accusoft Partners with TEAM Informatics on M-Connect for M-Files

TAMPA, Fla. –  TEAM Informatics is developing a new product called M-Connect, which leverages Accusoft’s PrizmDoc Viewer. M-Connect extends and enhances the capabilities of the M-Files Intelligent Information Management platform.

As part of M-Connect’s functionality, TEAM Informatics needed to provide the ability for users to access, view, collaborate, and search information within different document formats. They needed to control access to the documents, audit changes, and support a wide range of file formats in a web interface.

“Accusoft has been a true partner through several TEAM product development initiatives,” said Volker Schaberg, Chief Operating Officer at TEAM Informatics. “PrizmDoc Viewer does a great job of delivering this vital viewer functionality.”

TEAM Informatics has been a partner of M-Files for a number of years and has developed several add-ons and includes these in many successful customer deployments globally.

“Accusoft is proud to partner with TEAM Informatics. We’re happy to integrate our HTML5 document viewer into M-Connect to help M-Files users around the world,” comments Megan Brooks, VP of Marketing at Accusoft.

Together, the partners plan to launch M-Connect July 8, 2020.

About TEAM Informatics: 

TEAM is a global System Integrator, specializing in Intelligent Information Management (IIM) systems. Established more than 20 years ago and operating in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand, TEAM has deep and broad expertise in IIM, offering Advisory, Implementation and Managed Support Services. TEAM has also built a suite of content services that extend these platforms to produce unique solutions such as automatic redaction, auto-classification, eSignature, and records management. Partnerships with M-Files, Oracle, Syl Search, Elasticsearch, HelloSign and many more bring TEAM to the forefront of an all-in-one enterprise content solution provider. Find out more at

About Accusoft: 

Founded in 1991, Accusoft is a software development company specializing in content processing, conversion, and automation solutions. From out-of-the-box and configurable applications to APIs built for developers, Accusoft software enables users to solve their most complex workflow challenges and gain insights from content in any format, on any device. Backed by 40 patents, the company’s flagship products, including OnTask, PrizmDoc™ Viewer, and ImageGear, are designed to improve productivity, provide actionable data, and deliver results that matter. The Accusoft team is dedicated to continuous innovation through customer-centric product development, new version release, and a passion for understanding industry trends that drive consumer demand. Visit us at