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Accusoft Releases New OCR SDK

OCR Xpress Converts Images to Text and Searchable PDFs

TAMPA, Fla. 

Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announced the release of OCR Xpress for Linux, featuring text extraction and conversion.

OCR Xpress equips developers with a value-based, fast, accurate and easy-to-use SDK that simplifies the extraction of text from images and documents into searchable PDFs or text.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer a streamlined version of our OCR SDK to developers,” said Tom Setzer, Director of SDKs at Accusoft. “This newest release is part of our continuing effort to support easy integration of our software into a variety of applications and across multiple platforms and languages. This is our first Linux-based OCR offering.”

Easily integrate text recognition and extraction into your applications with only nine lines of code using our simple, straightforward API. Use OCR Xpress to recognize and extract text from black and white or color images and convert the images to searchable PDFs or text for easy document indexing. OCR Xpress is fast and accurate, reducing manual input and providing confidence values for each character, as well as providing versatility in output via PDF image over text, text, or in-memory data structure files.

To learn more about OCR Xpress or to start your free trial, visit

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